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11 June, 2016

Puzzles for all time

1. Mr & Mrs Jonas went for a picnic. The couple has 5 sons and each son has 7 sisters who has 3 babies each. In total, how many people went for picnic ? 
2. What mathematical symbol can be put between 5 and 9, to get a number bigger than 5 and smaller than 9? 
3. There are 30 Apples on the table, you pick up all of them. What do you have now?
4. There are 8 Apples on the table, you take 3. How many do you have?
5. A Hammer and a Nail cost $31. If the Hammer cost $30 more than the Nail, what is the cost of each? 
6. Tom asked his Granny how old she was. Rather than giving him a straight answer, she replied, "I have 6 children, and there are 4 years between each one and the next. I had my first child (your Uncle Peter) when I was 19. Now the youngest one (Your Auntie Jane) is 19 herself. That's all I'm telling you!" How old is Tom's Granny?
7.One metre stick is broken into two pieces at random. What is the length of the shorter piece, on average?

1. 2
2. Decimal
3. very big hands :)
4. 5 on the table and 3 in hands

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