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08 December, 2012

Qualitative Reasoning Worksheet 2

1. 3:27 :: 5: ?
  a) 25        b) 125         c) 25            d) 30

2.  Frequently: Always:: Seldom: ?
   a) ever     b) never      c) sometimes       d) something
3. Glucose: Carbohydrate :: Soyabean: ?
   a) Proteins    b) Vitamins       c) Minerals        d) Legumes

4. Import: Export :: Expenditure: ?
    a) Deficit    b) Revenue     c) Debt      d) Tax
5. Origami: Paper :: Ikebana : ?
    a) Trees     b) Theatre       c) Flowers       d) Tapestry

Coding- Decoding

1. If TOM = 48 and DICK = 27, then HARRY = ?
a) 70             b) 67                c) 50                d) 46

2. In a certain code SOBER is written as RNADQ. How LOTUS will be written in that code?
a) MPUWT    b) KMSTR         c) LMRST         d) KNSTR

3. If the word PORTER can be coded as MBNZQN, how will VOTES be written in the same code?
a) NQMNBZ   b) NQMBNZ      c) NBQMNZ     d) NQBMNZ

4. In a coding system, PEN is written as NZO and BARK is written as CTSL, how can we write PRANK in this system?
a) CSTZN     b) NSTOL     c) NTSLO      d) NZTOL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Q3. No option is the correct answer because each option is of 6 letters and the word VOTES is of 5 alphabets

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