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13 October, 2010

Finding angle

Q An angle is more than its complementary. Then the measure of the angle is





Most of students have answered a). This is not correct.

Please note the solution.

Let the angle be x, then its complement will be 90 -x.
Now, the angle is 14 degree more than the complement,
form an equaion

x = 90 - x + 14
2x = 104
x= 52

(You can orally check...52 is 14 more than (90-52 = 38))
So, the correct answer is d).

Degree of a constant polynomial

Q The degree of a non-zero constant polynomial is

a) 1 b) -1 c) 0 d) -2

This question was there in SA1 paper for class 9.

Most of the students have selected option a). This answer is not correct.

Please note the degree of a constant polynomial is 0.

How do you write 7?

7 .

So, what is its degree?

It is 0.

So, the correct choice is c).

Next time, do not commit this error.

06 October, 2010

Activity- Talk about Math shapes

Objective: To recognise geometrical shapes and write about them.

Description of activity:
Each student is required to write his/her observations on the following shapes.

Reflective questions:
What is the complete shape?
Write about its parts.
How many different shapes are used in each shape to make it?
Write the properties of used shapes.

Make a list of Math terms used in your description.

Shape 1

Shape 3
Shape 4

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