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26 July, 2010

Triangle with 3 sides always not possible...

Do you know why it is not always possible to draw a triangle with 3 given sides? Just watch this video...

05 July, 2010

Rubric for Math activity Assessment

Rubric for Recording Math lab activity Work

Lab Ethics -(5)
Brings material for activity
Takes interest in class
Regularly attend Math lab class
Takes care of property in Maths lab
Listens attentively during demonstration

Performance of Activity
(Scale 5 to 1)
Able to explain concept correctly after completion (5)
Completes activity in the class independently (5)
Takes help and complete the task (4)
Works independently but not able to complete (3)
Tries to perform hands on in the lab (2)
Just initiate the task allotted (1)

File Record
Submits work on time
Regularly brings file
Does correction work (if any)

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