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17 January, 2008

Blog in News

Channel Aaj Tak team visited our school on 10 th Jan ,2008 and interviewd my class students about their experiences of learning Mathematics through class blog and its benefits . The concept of blogging in education has brought up a new revolution. Students shared their views on how they learn Mathematics 24x7 with enjoyment through blog. They can post comments, queries etc

10 January, 2008

Making Platonic Solids

Dear Students,

Many of you are asking about nets of solids . Here is a link to download them.

If you want to learn about them in an interactive manner. Here is a link .

Information about Platonic Solids is shared on this link.

How to make them? Click on the following link.

Children are very creative. Given an opportunity they try to do amazing work. All students of class IX have made beautiful Platonic Solids . Look the incredible hidden talent!!

05 January, 2008

Making Paper Snowflakes

I have shared work done by students of class X F who worked on creating paper snowflakes on the Mathematics Projects blog .

Click on the following link to read about it.

Paper Snowflake Project.

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