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17 October, 2007

comparing volumes

To compare volumes of two cylinders made out of two rectangular sheets having same dimensions.

Material Required
Coloured Paper, Cello tape, A pair of scissors, rice(some material )

step 1 Take two rectangular sheets of paper of same dimension.

Step 2 Gently curve the first one along its length and put a cello tape.

Step 3 Find the radius of the base circle using 2*Pi*r = breadth. Cut the circle and paste it on the base of the cylinder.

Step 4 Repeat the process, by taking the 2nd rectangular sheet and curving it along its breadth.
Step 5. Fill the two cylinders with grains and pour it in the same container one by one.

Step 6 What do you observe?

Step 7 Calculate the volume of two such cylinders which are made out of rectangular sheets each of dimension 22cm X 10 cm.

Write the result.

Extended activity

What can you say about their curved surface areas and total surface areas?

Are they same or different?

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Anonymous said...

Great explanation of concept.


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