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03 September, 2007

exterior angles of a polygon

Aim :To explore the relationship between the exterior angles of a given polygon by paper cutting and pasting.

Material Required Procedure
Step 1 Draw a triangle ABC.

Step 2 Draw exterior angles by producing the sides in either clockwise or anticlockwise direction, as shown. Label them as angle 1, angle 2 and angle 3.
Step 3.Cut the exterior angles.
Step 4. Place the exterior angle cut outs as shown below.
Step 5. Write the observations.
Step 6. Draw any quadrilateral ABCD on a rectangular sheet of paper.
Step 7. Draw exterior angles by extending the sides of the sides. Label the angles .
Step 8. Cut the angles.
Step 9.Place the angles as shown below.
Step 10. Write the observation.
Step 11. Repeat the activity for a pentagon and a hexagon.
Write the result.

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