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07 July, 2007

Tangram My Way

This work is contributed by Khilesh X F.
It was a wonderful experience for me working on such as interesting topic.I also taught my elder brother and sisters about tangram and how to play with it. I enjoyed working on this topic.
Firstly, On a square board I made the tangram lines according to the instructions given .
1. Draw a square ABCD of side 5 inches.
2. Joint BD
3. Mark mid point of BC as E and CD as F.
4. Joint EF.
5. Mark mid point of EF as G and BD as H.
6. Join AHG.
7. Mark mid point of DH as I and HB as J.
8. Join FI and GJ.
9. Cut all 7 pieces and make the figures.

Tangram is the oldest Chinese puzzle. It consists of seven pieces called tans.
5 right isosceles triangles( 2 small ,1 medium size ,2 large size )
1 square
1 parallelogram

Then I made various shapes and figures using the 7 shapes.

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