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01 May, 2007

angle sum property of a triangle

To explore the relationship between the interior angles of a triangle by paper cutting and pasting.

Material required:
coloured paper, glue, a pair of scissors, and pencil.


step 1: On a coloured paper, draw any triangle and name its vertices as A, B and C.

Step 2: Label the interior angles as angle ABC, angle BCA and angleCAB.

Step 3: Cut triangle ABC.

Step 5:Cut the three angles.

Step 6: Draw a straight line on a sheet of paper.

Step 5: Place the three interior angles angleBAC , angleABC and angleACB on the straight line, adjacent to each other, without leaving any gap.

Step 6: What do you observe?

Observation: We observe that all the three interior angles of a triangle completely fit on a straight line.

Result: angleABC + angleBCA + angleCAB = 180 degrees.


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