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17 April, 2009


Aim : Making Figures using tangrams.

Tangram is a Chinese puzzle which consist of 7 pieces which are cut out of a square by the following method.

Material required

Hand made sheet
Pair of scissors
Geometry box.


1. Draw a square ABCD of side 5 inches.
2. Joint BD
3. Mark mid point of BC as E and CD as F.
4. Joint EF.
5. Mark mid point of EF as G and BD as H.
6. Join AHG.
7. Mark mid point of DH as I and HB as J.
8. Join FI and GJ.

9. Cut all 7 pieces and make the figures.

Tangram is a well known Chinees puzzle. The goal is to form various shapes from 7 pieces. This program challenges you to solve a large number of these puzzles. Puzzles range from very simple ones for small children to difficult ones for adults. Also an editor is provided that lets you create your own collections of puzzles. You can even use different sets of pieces. The program is very easy to use and help is provided


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